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DESCRIPTION: Gel based hydrating foundation with medium coverage.

COST: $29.50 USD $51 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a foundation that’s hydrating and  leaves a natural finish.

APPLY WITH: Foundation brush (189,190,191,187), sponges or fingers.

REVIEW: I purchased my Studio Sculpt (SS) from the MAC website. I am quite pale with yellow undertones, so I decided on NC15.

SS comes in a clear squeeze tube which is great for squeezing just the right amount out. MAC describes the consistency of this foundation as gel based, but I would call it thick mousse like (like the dessert!).

I found the NC15 in SS to be slightly paler and less yellow than NC15 in Studio Fix Fluid (SFF). I do prefer the coloring of NC15 in SFF, but NC15 in SS is still a good match on my skin.

I’ve applied SS with both my fingers and a 190 foundation brush. I found this product takes quite a bit of effort to blend and if you use your fingers it takes AGES to get right. A foundation brush certainly delivers a better result and dramatically speeds up the application time.

After applying and blending this foundation, I find it can look a little streaky. Just leave the foundation for a couple of minutes to settle, blend some more and any streakiness should fade. I then apply Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light over the top with a 129 brush to set it.

I would say this foundation has light to medium coverage. I would not use this foundation if you are after high coverage because this foundation does not look good if you over apply it.

I was nervous about trying this foundation because of it’s moisturizing properties. Anything moisturizing usually leaves me quite oily, but this foundation gave me a nice natural finish that was in between matte and dewey. If you have oily skin, I would definitely recommend using a finishing powder.

OVERALL: This foundation looks nice and natural on my skin. I think i’ll stick with my Studio Fix Fluid for the warmer months and use Studio Sculpt in the winter when my skin needs a little more hydration. The only downside to this foundation is that is takes quite a while to blend and get right, so I would not recommend this if you don’t have a lot of time to apply your make up. I would also not recommend this foundation if you have very oily skin, as it may emphasise any oiliness.




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DESCRIPTION: Medium/Dark berry pink powder blush with a slight shimmer.

COST: $18.50 USD $40 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a blush that gives you that natural flushed look, but can also be built up for a more intense color.

APPLY WITH: Blush brush (116, 129, 168).

REVIEW: I purchased my MAC blush off the MAC website. I chose Dollymix because I wanted a really bright medium to dark pink blush.

MAC blushes come in different finishes (E.g. matte, satin, sheertone etc) and Dollymix is a sheertone shimmer finish. I love sheertone shimmer finishes because with a light hand they give you a nice natural hint of color. The color can also be built up if you want something more intense. The shimmer is also nice, not too sparkly, just perfect.

In the pan, Dollymix looks very scary bright pink. But don’t be scared by what it looks like in the pan, because it actually comes out a very nice natural medium/dark pink color. I find this color gives you that lovely healthy flushed look that’s not too over the top.

The texture of the blush is quite smooth and when applied does not look powdery. What I love about MAC blushes is that they don’t go powdery and cakey when you want to build up the color.

OVERALL: Dollymix is my HG blush! The subtle dark pink color and the shimmer are just perfect. Seriously, if you don’t have this blush you must go out and get it! Highly recommended.



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DESCRIPTION: Versatile subtle highlighting cream.

COST: $16.50 USD $35 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a nice subtle sheen. Great for highlighting the brow bone, cheek bones, inner corner of eyes, bridge of nose etc. If you have very very oily skin I would not recommend this, as it may intensify the oiliness.

APPLY WITH: Small brush (such as 195), sponge or fingers.

REVIEW: I purchased my MAC Cream Color Base (CCB) from the MAC website. I really wanted to try the shade Luna, but unfortunately they were sold out, so I decided on the shade Pearl instead.

The color Pearl is a nice light champagne color with a nice shimmer. The consistency of this product is like a thinnner and oiler version of MAC Blushcreme. It is a little bit oily, so don’t go too crazy with it if you have oily skin because you might end up looking a bit greasy.

I find this product looks best on the inner corner of my eyes and applied lightly down the bridge of my nose. It gives those areas a nice glow. Because i’m so pale (NC15) CCB tends to disappear when I apply it to my cheeks or on my brown bone.

If you are after a more intense highlighter, try mixing CCB with a little bit of MAC’s Vanilla or Frozen White Pigment.

OVERALL: I think this a great subtle highlighter for everyday use because it’s not too intense. I find this product would give more of an intense color on people who are NC/NW30 and above. I would definitely recommend this because it gives skin such a beautiful glow. I look forward to trying more CCB shades.



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DESCRIPTION: Liquid concealer in a tube. “Texture free, virtually invisible”.

COST: $16.50 USD $32 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Evening out skin tone, covering any spots, lightening dark areas. I would not recommend this product if you have dry skin or any dry flakey patches.

APPLY WITH: Concealer brush (194 or 195) or fingers.

BACKGROUND: I was previously using Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer, in Fair which is my HG. The Airbrush Concealer is quite expensive and only comes with a little bit of product, so I wanted to see if I could find something that came with more product and cheaper.

REVIEW: I purchased the Select Cover-Up (SCU) from the MAC counter inside Myer, Sydney. I should’ve got SCU in NW15, but the sales assistant gave me NW20. It’s okay though; I can get away with NW20… just.
I have dark circles, redness on the sides of my nose and the occasional blemish, and SCU does an okay job at dealing with these issues.
The SCU comes in a 10ml twist top tube and I find with just a little squeeze, I can get the right amount of product out.
I prefer creamy thick concealers and the SCU is a light liquid consistency. You only need a tiny amount of this product as a little goes a long way.
I squeeze a tiny amount of this product onto the back of my hand and apply using my finger to my problem areas. I find the SCU requires quite a bit of blending and takes a little bit of time to absorb. It also has a strange smell, which I don’t like.
I find the SCU is a little drying under the eyes and the consistency is not thick enough to hide any blemishes. It does an okay job at covering the redness on the sides of my nose. Sometimes when I get a little flakey around the sides of my nose and I apply this product, it tends to make it look worse.

OVERALL: I have a like/hate relationship with this concealer. I find the coverage is not as full as I would like and the consistency is too liquidy. Some days I find the concealer does the job, other days I find it too drying and wish I didn’t apply it. I don’t think I will be repurchasing this product.



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SPF 15



DESCRIPTION: A medium buildable liquid foundation with a natural matte finish. Comfortable, long wearing, SPF15.

COST: $26 USD $48 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Normal, combination and slightly oily skins. I would not recommend this product if you have very oily skin, dry skin or any dry patches.

APPLY WITH: Foundation brush (190 or 187), wedges or fingers.

BACKGROUND: For about 6 years my HG for everyday use was Clinique’s Superfit Makeup in Cream. I stopped using the Superfit Makeup because Clinique changed the formula. The new formula is runnier and when it dried turned slightly orange.

REVIEW: I purchased the Studio Fix Fluid (SFF) off the MAC website. I am very pale with yellow undertones, so I decided to go with the NC15, which is a perfect match.

I have combination skin  (slightly oily T-Zone and normal cheeks), with a few acne scars from my high school days. I wanted a foundation that would control the oil, provide medium buildable coverage and SFF does both those things.

The SFF comes in a glass bottle with a screw lid. I wish it came with a pump because sometimes I tip a little too much product out. Pumps are available for purchase off the MAC website which I think I will invest in soon.

The SFF is a medium consistency and I find it glides onto the skin with ease and kind of just melts into my face. It does not feel heavy on the skin at all and does not get cakey when I build up certain problem areas. I find it blends quite easily and looks very natural.

After applying the SFF I dust loose powder over my face to soak up any remaining oil and set the foundation.  I find it leaves skin matte with a little bit of a natural glow and lasts all day.

OVERALL: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation! I have definitely found my new HG. I just love the way it looks and feels on my skin and the coverage is perfect. I have been using this for 4 months now and have not had any problems with breakouts. I find I need to cleanse my face twice after using it because it is quite a heavy foundation.



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