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DESCRIPTION: Gel based hydrating foundation with medium coverage.

COST: $29.50 USD $51 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a foundation that’s hydrating and  leaves a natural finish.

APPLY WITH: Foundation brush (189,190,191,187), sponges or fingers.

REVIEW: I purchased my Studio Sculpt (SS) from the MAC website. I am quite pale with yellow undertones, so I decided on NC15.

SS comes in a clear squeeze tube which is great for squeezing just the right amount out. MAC describes the consistency of this foundation as gel based, but I would call it thick mousse like (like the dessert!).

I found the NC15 in SS to be slightly paler and less yellow than NC15 in Studio Fix Fluid (SFF). I do prefer the coloring of NC15 in SFF, but NC15 in SS is still a good match on my skin.

I’ve applied SS with both my fingers and a 190 foundation brush. I found this product takes quite a bit of effort to blend and if you use your fingers it takes AGES to get right. A foundation brush certainly delivers a better result and dramatically speeds up the application time.

After applying and blending this foundation, I find it can look a little streaky. Just leave the foundation for a couple of minutes to settle, blend some more and any streakiness should fade. I then apply Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light over the top with a 129 brush to set it.

I would say this foundation has light to medium coverage. I would not use this foundation if you are after high coverage because this foundation does not look good if you over apply it.

I was nervous about trying this foundation because of it’s moisturizing properties. Anything moisturizing usually leaves me quite oily, but this foundation gave me a nice natural finish that was in between matte and dewey. If you have oily skin, I would definitely recommend using a finishing powder.

OVERALL: This foundation looks nice and natural on my skin. I think i’ll stick with my Studio Fix Fluid for the warmer months and use Studio Sculpt in the winter when my skin needs a little more hydration. The only downside to this foundation is that is takes quite a while to blend and get right, so I would not recommend this if you don’t have a lot of time to apply your make up. I would also not recommend this foundation if you have very oily skin, as it may emphasise any oiliness.




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DESCRIPTION: Lengthening mascara.

COST: $14 USD $30 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Natural looking lashes. Slight lengthening.

APPLY WITH: Inbuilt thin medium sized mascara wand.

REVIEW: I purchased my Dazzle Lash off the MAC website. Dazzle Lash comes in two colors: Star Brunette and Black Dazzle. I chose Black Dazzle because I like black mascaras.

Dazzle Lash (DL) was a bit of an impulse purchase. Usually I read many reviews of a product before I purchase it, but with DL I did the stupid thing and just added it to my cart. After purchasing DL, I read some bad reviews and wished I didn’t purchase it. I tried emailing MAC, but they told me they can’t change the order and I would have to send it back once I received it. When I received my DL, I just decided to try it because I was too lazy to sent it back.

The packaging of this mascara isn’t matte black like other MAC products. The lid is really rough/sparkly and the base is smooth/shiny with a tiny amount of sparkle. The sparkles on the lid doesn’t mean the mascara is going to be sparkly, it’s just the packaging.

The DL has a thin medium sized mascara wand. Because I have small eyes, I find medium mascara wands are the easiest to maneuver around my eyes.

I applied a couple of coats of DL and found it dried pretty quickly. The consistency was nice and thin.

I found DL to lengthen my lashes slightly, but did absolutely nothing in terms of curling and thickening. It just made my lashes look a tiny bit longer but natural.

OVERALL: DL is great if you want your lashes slightly lengthened and to look natural. Unfortunately, I was after a mascara that would deliver thicker, longer, more dramatic lashes and DL certainly did not do that. Don’t waste your money on this, you can find better mascaras at your local drug store that deliver the same results and are a lot cheaper.



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DESCRIPTION: Light to medium cool toned pink lipstick that is not too over the top.  Moisturizing finish.

COST: $14.50 USD $35 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a light blue toned pink lip. Would look great with smokey eyes.

APPLY WITH: Lip brush (316) or straight from the tube.

REVIEW: I purchased my MAC lipstick off the MAC website. I was looking for a nice light pink shade and decided on Lovelorn. I have also heard many great reviews about Lovelorn.

MAC lipsticks come in different finishes (E.g. frost, matte, cremesheen) and Lovelorn is a lustre finish. Lustre finishes give your lips a nice light sheen of color and are not too drying. Lustres, along with cremesheens are my favourite MAC lipstick finishes because they are somewhat moisturizing.

Lovelorn is a beautiful light to medium blue pink color. Light pinks do frighten me sometimes because i’m afraid they will make me look washed out, but Lovelorn looks absolutely gorgeous with my pale skin.

OVERALL: Lovelorn is absolutely beautiful. My HG light lipstick. Looks great with neutral looks and is also great paired up with intense eyes. Would definitely recommend!



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DESCRIPTION: Long flirty false eyelashes.

COST: $14 USD $18 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Very flirty/glamorous eyes!

APPLY WITH: Eyelash glue (Duo Adhesive).

REVIEW: I purchased my #7 Lash from the MAC website. I chose #7 because the website said they were “Natural length” and “Everyday glamorous” and that’s what I was looking for.

The eyelashes are easy to apply, just put a little eyelash glue (I use Duo Adhesive) on the bottom of the lashes, wait for the glue to dry a little, then apply the lashes as close to your lash line as possible.

The #7’s look amazing in photos and would be perfect for a night out on the town. Unfortunately my eyes are tiny, so the #7’s are a tad too long for everyday use. If you have big eyes, you might be able to get away with wearing them for a daytime look.

When i’m braver, I might give them a trim so they look a bit more natural.

OVERALL: #7 lash are gorgeous! I just love how flirty they look. Unfortunately they are just a tad too long for my eyes and i’m not brave enough to trim them just yet. If they were just a litte shorter I could get away with wearing them as a daytime look.



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DESCRIPTION: Medium/Dark berry pink powder blush with a slight shimmer.

COST: $18.50 USD $40 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a blush that gives you that natural flushed look, but can also be built up for a more intense color.

APPLY WITH: Blush brush (116, 129, 168).

REVIEW: I purchased my MAC blush off the MAC website. I chose Dollymix because I wanted a really bright medium to dark pink blush.

MAC blushes come in different finishes (E.g. matte, satin, sheertone etc) and Dollymix is a sheertone shimmer finish. I love sheertone shimmer finishes because with a light hand they give you a nice natural hint of color. The color can also be built up if you want something more intense. The shimmer is also nice, not too sparkly, just perfect.

In the pan, Dollymix looks very scary bright pink. But don’t be scared by what it looks like in the pan, because it actually comes out a very nice natural medium/dark pink color. I find this color gives you that lovely healthy flushed look that’s not too over the top.

The texture of the blush is quite smooth and when applied does not look powdery. What I love about MAC blushes is that they don’t go powdery and cakey when you want to build up the color.

OVERALL: Dollymix is my HG blush! The subtle dark pink color and the shimmer are just perfect. Seriously, if you don’t have this blush you must go out and get it! Highly recommended.



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DESCRIPTION: Versatile subtle highlighting cream.

COST: $16.50 USD $35 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting a nice subtle sheen. Great for highlighting the brow bone, cheek bones, inner corner of eyes, bridge of nose etc. If you have very very oily skin I would not recommend this, as it may intensify the oiliness.

APPLY WITH: Small brush (such as 195), sponge or fingers.

REVIEW: I purchased my MAC Cream Color Base (CCB) from the MAC website. I really wanted to try the shade Luna, but unfortunately they were sold out, so I decided on the shade Pearl instead.

The color Pearl is a nice light champagne color with a nice shimmer. The consistency of this product is like a thinnner and oiler version of MAC Blushcreme. It is a little bit oily, so don’t go too crazy with it if you have oily skin because you might end up looking a bit greasy.

I find this product looks best on the inner corner of my eyes and applied lightly down the bridge of my nose. It gives those areas a nice glow. Because i’m so pale (NC15) CCB tends to disappear when I apply it to my cheeks or on my brown bone.

If you are after a more intense highlighter, try mixing CCB with a little bit of MAC’s Vanilla or Frozen White Pigment.

OVERALL: I think this a great subtle highlighter for everyday use because it’s not too intense. I find this product would give more of an intense color on people who are NC/NW30 and above. I would definitely recommend this because it gives skin such a beautiful glow. I look forward to trying more CCB shades.



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DESCRIPTION: Pen like eye brow crayon that defines and fills in eye brows.

COST: $15 USD $30 AUD

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting to fill eyebrows in a natural or dramatic way.

APPLY WITH: The eye brow crayon is kind of just like a pen. To sharpen the crayon, just wind the end.

REVIEW: I bought MAC Eye Brow crayon in Lingering at the MAC counter inside Myer, Sydney. I choose the color Lingering because I wanted a dark brown color, not black.

I’ve always had trouble finding a good dark brown eye brow pencil. It was one thing trying to find an eye brow pencil that was not black, and it was another thing trying to find one that gave a natural finish. This eye brow pencil is a perfect dark brown color and fills in so naturally. You can also build it up if you want a dramatic effect.

The eye brow crayon and the tip are the perfect size to work around the eye brows with. I use a light hand and find that delivers a more natural result.


OVERALL: I LOVE THIS CRAYON! I love the way it makes my eye brows more polished, but natural and the shade Lingering is such a perfect shade match. This is definitely my HG of eye brow crayons/pencils and I would definitely recommend to everyone!